7 Aug

Free entry into this year’s or next year’s event!

We are now ready to trial a new fundraising method for this year’s event!

Below is a sponsorship form that you can download and print off to help you raise money for the 10K’s three charities. If you raise £100 or more we will give you your choice of either a refund of your registration fee for this year’s event or free entry into next year’s event! You are of course more than welcome to use the form to raise any amount of money for our charities and this will be greatly appreciated just the same.

Because we have 3 charities that we support equally, any funds raised should be payable to BeUrBest Ltd (the company that organizes the Rainford 10K). We will then add them to the total pot of funds raised by the event and split the pot equally amongst the three charities. To qualify for free/reduced entry you should get your funds to us on or before the day of the event. Any free/reduced entry will only be given when the funds have been received. You are still more than welcome to raise funds of your own accord and donate to charity directly but you must not use our sponsorship form and will not be eligible for free/refunded entry.

Click here to download our official sponsorship form

Click here to contact us for more information or clarification